Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

ONE- We went to a Pastor's conference in Moscow, ID this past weekend, and on the way there we saw a gorgeous phenomenon over the fields of the Paulouse- the moon rising full on one side of us and the sun setting on the other side. It was spectacular! The moon rose in pinks and purples, while the sun was setting in oranges and yellows. What a masterpiece! Speaking of the conference, we really had a great time! The speakers were great and we enjoyed getting to know the little town of Moscow. They have a great little main street with cute coffee shops and stores- we even got to sneak away over a lunch break and visit the local farmer's market! One of the highlights of the weekend was that Hubby got to meet one of the pastors and authors who has been really influential in his life!

TWO- Remember how I told you we got pumpkins and apples from Greenbluff last week? Well, I finally got around to doing something with them and made pumpkin applesauce! I had made the recipe last year but forgot just how good it was. OH YUM. We ate the entire batch in two days. And it makes a lot. You should make some, pronto.

THREE- Thanks to my older brother, Hubby and I are officially hooked on the political drama The West Wing. Yes, I know we're a little late to the party. Like, 14 years late. But, oh well. Better late than never, right? We are currently watching Season 1 on Amazon Prime with our trial subscription and I have a feeling that is going to factor into our decision when the trial is up... Oh, Amazon, your ploy is working. Anyway, about the show. One word: dialogue. Okay two words: dialogue. And acting. Even though our political viewpoint doesn't always line up with the fictional administration, it is fascinating to try to understand a little bit more about how the White House operates. We find ourselves often lost in the quick exchanges, but intrigued nonetheless!

FOUR- I have another Cubbie in my class! A cute little boy came to join us last night at Awana, which made it much more fun for the little girl, especially during game time. One thing I adore about that age (3-4) is that they are so honest! I was teaching them about heaven last night, and how someday we'll go there to live with Jesus and the little boy looks at me sceptically and says, "But not today..." :)

FIVE- We hit our first deer! Here in Pend Oreille County, it is quite common to hit deer, and we managed to go four years without joining that club- until last Saturday, that is. On our way home from the conference, two deer ran across the road at dusk. We missed the first one, but the second hit the hood and flew off into the ditch. I have no idea if he survived or not. :( Thankfully, we were unharmed and my little car made it out with only a little ding in the hood. It hasn't really been her week. First the deer, now her brakes. She has to go into the shop next week to have a front end brake job since one of the calipers went bad and ground the brake pad down to the metal (See what I just did there, acting like I know what I'm talking about?). Meanwhile, a friend has graciously loaned us her car!


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It's my absolute favorite TV program ever, bar none. And, I'll tell you a secret about The West Wing that isn't true of many other shows... it's just as good the second, third, fourth...etc...times around. You just catch more lines. :)

    1. I would imagine! We feel like we're not catching half of them!


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