Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts






As you can see in the above photo, my yard is having a leaf convention. We have two beautiful trees in our yard (I'm not sure what they are), but once a cold snap hits, they drop their leaves like hot potatoes. On the other hand, our huge old oak waits till the last possible second to drop its leaves- generally once we've had a snow and its difficult to rake. And since we don't have a fancy mower with a bag, we do (or I should say, he does) it the old fashioned way.

TWO- Speaking of leaves and fallish things... Hubby and I went up to Greenbluff on Monday to get some pumpkins and apples! One farm had giant honeycrisp apples (YUM) for only $1 per lb.! What a steal! We also had an amazing cinnamon roll paired with oh-so-delicious caramel apple cider- not the Starbucks variety, mind you, but serious, fresh apple cider! Wow, was that good! Now I just need to find some time to roast/puree my pie pumpkins and get a batch of applesauce going in the crock pot.  What's your favorite fall drink? That cider pretty much topped the list for me...unless I was able to go back to Joseph, OR and get a Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate made with fresh chocolate from Arrowhead Chocolates where you get a salted caramel dark chocolate spoon to suck on while you're waiting. THAT was some serious heaven in a cup. And on a spoon. But I digress...favorite drink?

THREE- I found my Halloween costume! I wouldn't dress up for Halloween at all, except our church puts on a harvest carnival for the kids in the community that night. A lot of them stop by to play games and get candy as they are trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. And they love it when Hubby and I dress up. I found this cute little homemade bumblebee costume at Value Village and I think, paired with my black leggings and a springy antenna headband thing I found, it'll be quite fun! Hubby found a great beard, so he's going to be a Bible character- he hasn't decided which one.
By the way, while we're on the subject, it just irritates me to no end that practically all you can find in costumes for women is slinky, "sexy" costumes or absolutely disgusting ones. *sigh*

FOUR- Speaking of the Bible, as of right now my dining room table is completely covered in paper. Stacks of paper. We are starting our men's and women's Bible studies next week and I am in the midst of the copying, sorting, hole punching process! As I type the copier is whirring and every few minutes I get up to sort a few more pages. Whew! I think I'm a little over halfway through. I think God prepared me for this side of pastoral ministry through my job at The UPS Store- I certainly did my fair share of copying, sorting, stacking and hole punching there!! Sometimes I really miss it, and it feels good to smell fresh ink and feel the paper hot off the copier again. I can't say that I've missed the dry hands and paper cuts though...

FIVE- So the government shutdown is over. Well, that's about all I'm going to say about that, since I don't really want to start a political war over here...
However, if you like Fox News, politics, and watching videos online, there's a show we love and would definitely recommend- Power Play with Chris Stirewalt. Chris is informative, funny, concise, and has the craziest and most creative vocabulary of anyone I know. We always find ourselves laughing out loud (which isn't something I can say for most news shows!) and understanding the issues better. Power Play is strictly for the internet crowd, and provides great discussion panels on current political issues while remaining clear, understandable, interesting, and, dare I say, entertaining! The guests are always enjoyable and informative and the topics relevant. Check it out- you just might become a groupie like us...

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