Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

ONE- Yes, that gorgeous picture up there is where we live. One "block" from our house is that lovely river- I'm so blessed! I just love this time of year where we live- everything is getting gilded! Other than food, the main thing that lures me away from my depression about summer ending is the way the Creator paints everything golden. What a gorgeous interlude between summer and winter! Hubby and I were talking last night about how nice it is that we have fall. Aren't you glad we aren't sweating and eating popsicles one day, then wake up to three feet of snow the next? I for one am glad for the somewhat gradual transition!

TWO- I took my second cooking class this week! Monday I learned how to make croissants at The Kitchen Engine in Spokane! Local pastry chef Amy taught us how to make classic butter croissant dough, then showed us how to mix it up with rum-soaked raisin and chocolate versions! The class was very hands-on (I got to wear an apron and get my hands in the dough!) and fun! I learned lots of new terminology and some new techniques that I will {hopefully} be sharing with you soon if I can recreate the process myself at home! Fun fact: when you have made all the turns on your croissant dough there should be 81 layers of dough and butter! Crazy, right? That explains that flaky, airy texture!!

THREE- I really enjoy classic books. I've been reading Ivanhoe lately and something was puzzling me. Familiar characters and events kept popping up, although I've never read the book before! So many things (a jolly friar, Allan-a-Dale, guys in lincoln green, etc) reminded me of Robin Hood! I was confused because the Robin Hood I read was by Howard Pyle, not Sir Walter Scott (the author of Ivanhoe). So who really came up with Robin Hood? Who gets the credit? Where did I go for answers but, of course, to Wikipedia. Aha! Neither one! Robin Hood is an old legend, dating back to the medieval times, so both men drew from that, as did many others. Their literature helped shape what the modern view of Robin Hood is today, but neither can be credited with inventing him. Problem solved.Thank you, Wikipedia.

FOUR- I went to Burlington Coat Factory for the first time in my life (that I know of) this week! I was astounded to find out that they have more than just coats! I feel sure that I should have known that somehow, but I truly thought they just sold coats. I mean, the NAME is Burlington COAT factory. Right? So anyway, now I'm hooked. For a girl who loves Ross, Burlington Coat Factory is a thing to behold! It's like a bigger, more organized Ross! Sort of. Anyway, I did go there initially to buy a coat, and found one I love for a great price! But now I'm itching to go back- maybe for Christmas shopping? Am I the only one who thought they sold only coats? Please say no.

FIVE- Hubby and I are trying to decide which streaming service to go with. We are thinking of getting a Roku thingy for our TV, but we can't settle on a service. So, if you've got a preference, give them a shout out (and reasons, please!)! We like classic movies, family friendly stuff, British drama, romantic comedies and very select TV shows- mostly classics, cooking stuff and PBS drama. Our main two choices at present are Amazon Prime and Netflix. What do you think? Go!

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  1. Regarding no. 5 you might look into You might like the Christian biography movies. There are oldies like Dr. Quinn and the Waltons.


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