Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers

I have been away too long! I apologize for leaving you recipe-less for over a week, but Hubby and I had a rather unexpectedly full and emotionally tiring week. I cooked {for us} only a handful of times the whole week (4 potlucks were involved in the craziness) and every time I had time I tried to squeeze in a load of laundry or do something totally mindless.

For the fourth, I did manage to make these skewers and a pot of phenomenal baked beans which I will share with you very soon, I promise! Hint: they got rave reviews at our church barbecue!

But back to the skewers.

These adorable little creations are, of course, Pinterest inspired. I was intrigued by Lady Behind the Curtain's idea to put strawberry shortcake on a stick! Genius! Everything is more fun on a stick. In her recipe, she used Grand's refrigerated biscuits, strawberries and Cool Whip. I decided to go a step or two further and use my favorite biscuit recipe and make my own homemade whipped cream (the perfect use for that carton of whipping cream leftover from the strawberry icebox cake!).

So, in the first attempt, I made a double batch of biscuits and, in the spirit of patriotism, cut them out with a cute little star shaped cookie cutter.

These I stacked with thick slices of strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. For the red-white-and-blue effect, I topped the whole thing off with a blueberry. They were delicious, and very cute, but I'm sorry, I have no pictures. However, there were several problems with these...

1) Whipped cream is very difficult to "skewer"- I imagine Cool Whip would be the same.

2) Due to the whipped cream, the skewers are almost impossible to stack, which makes presentation and preparation difficult.

3) Not enough strawberry.

Going to a potluck the next day, I still had leftover star biscuits, so I decided to try revising the process. I simply skewered a biscuit, topped it with a whole hulled strawberry (end also removed), followed by another biscuit, another strawberry, and finally, another biscuit. They were stackable, transportable, and I served them with the whipped cream on the side for dipping or smearing or what have you. Definitely easier to handle (and better for preparing in advance!). And- more strawberry!! :) Problem(s) solved.

So, try it either way, but do try it! These little gems are so fun for summer get-togethers- my friends couldn't stop talking about them! They are cute and tasty and so unique!

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers
makes about 3 dozen skewers (cut in half if desired)

wooden skewers
doubled recipe for biscuits (or use you own favorite recipe)
sugar for sprinkling
enough strawberries to allow 2 per skewer
blueberries, if desired
whipped cream or Cool Whip for dipping

Make biscuit dough as directed. Roll out to 1/2 in. thickness. Cut out using a 1 1/2 in. cookie cutter in whatever shaped desired. Place on baking sheet. Sprinkle biscuits with sugar. Bake slightly less than directed (since biscuits are small). Cool completely.
Wash and hull strawberries.
To assemble: Skewer a biscuit and slide it down the stick, leaving room for a "handle". Follow this with a strawberry and repeat once, then end with another biscuit. Top with a blueberry if desired.
Repeat for each skewer.
Serve with whipped cream or Cool Whip for dipping.


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