Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baked French Fries

I know the trend of "baked, not fried"potatoes (not to mention other vegetables, chicken and donuts!) has been going on for quite some time now, but just in case you're like me and have valiantly given it your all and still struggle with the crispiness factor, this french fry recipe is for you. It packs all the natural deliciousness of a potato without the added fat and mess of frying in oil's the great part! The fries are actually crispy! I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a blog called Lukas Volger's Veggie Madness that made the claim that these are the "perfect" baked french fries. He goes on to share his secrets to crispiness, and after trying it, I can attest to the fact- this is what my baked fries have been lacking!

The first tip is to soak the fries (potato sticks, at this point) in water prior to cooking. Supposedly this washes off some of the potato's natural starch, resulting in a crispier outside.

Ready to be soaked!

Coated with oil

The second tip is to preheat the baking sheet before loading it with fries- thus the fries instantly begin to cook when they hit the hot sheet.
With these tips duly followed, my result was delicious, crisp, crunchy french fries! I am so pleased to have a great go-to recipe for fries that tastes great and doesn't involve hot oil!!

Perfect Baked French Fries

4 medium russet potatoes, scrubbed
3 TB oil (canola, vegetable or peanut recommended for best results)

Preheat oven to 450.
Meanwhile, cut potatoes into 1/4 in. matchsticks. Place the cut fries into a bowl and cover with cold water. Let stand 15 minutes as the oven preheats.
Drain the potatoes, then cover with water once more and drain thoroughly. Spread potatoes on a tea towel or paper towels and pat dry, soaking up as much water as possible.
Dry out the mixing bowl the fries had been in and return them to it. Toss with oil and salt.
Place the baking sheet in the oven for about 5 minutes to preheat it.
With an oven mitt, remove baking sheet and splash with oil, tilting to coat. Add the fries (watch out! It will sizzle!) and quickly arrange in a single layer.
Bake about 40 min. until browned, checking every 15 min. or so to toss with a spatula. When done, sprinkle with more salt and serve with favorite dipping sauce.

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  1. When Josh makes fries, he soaks his in water sometimes too. Much like his burgers. The water just does something special I tell ya :)


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