Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

ONE- See those three pretty girls up there with me? I was so privileged to have my three younger sisters come and stay with me for a whole week last week! Hubby and I went to a pastor's conference near where my family lives, so we brought the girls home with us! We all look pretty tired in the picture above (at the airport) because we got up around 5 am to take them to the airport after staying up till almost 2 am...not smart, I'm aware, but what can we say? You can sleep any old time. This sister get-together has been an annual occurrence since Hubby and I got married and we just love it! We spent most of our time chatting, baking up a storm (to see past posts about our baking fun, click here), and catching up on Downton Abbey. I gained about a pound from all the delicious food, but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. I feel so absolutely blessed to have three gorgeous sisters who are godly, mature and FUN and doubly blessed that we all get along so well!

TWO- I haven't written in awhile, so if you're not aware, Hubby and I have begun the journey of adoption! Rather than give you a whole explanation here, head on over to my other blog, Power Meets Intimacy, for the whole story (and some fun pictures)!

THREE- You know when you find something in the store that you think you just love and then you buy it and never use/wear it? Sort of that buyer's remorse? Well, that's kind of happened to me in reverse. I was shopping at Old Navy when I really didn't have any money (my first mistake) and I tried on this pretty coral top (my second mistake). I fell in love with it, but made myself be good and didn't buy it (my third mistake?). Now I can't stop thinking about it! What should I do??

FOUR- I know I'm not the only one, but I've just got to say it loud----- I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!! It's been in the 40-50 degree range the last couple of days here and SUNNY and I'm just thrilled. The snow is mostly melted, the sun feels amazing on my winter weary skin, and it's so nice to only have to wear a light jacket or sweater. I just can't wait till the tulips start poking their heads out of the ground and the grass starts turning green again. Some of the birds are already back, but I'm watching for the swallows. We almost always see them first on Easter Sunday.

FIVE- I've promised myself a full mani-pedi (I don't think I've had one in over two years) once I've reached my weight-loss goal and I'm almost there! 4 lbs. to go! I seriously can't wait for flip-flop weather- my toes will be ready!

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  1. You all look like you had a wonderful time and not sleepy at all! Probably a good thing I wasn't there-I have to be in bed by 11pm at the latest or I become a sleepy crabby pants, haha! And what a cute shirt. I bet if you hold off on buying it a bit longer it will be marked down to a cheaper price ;) But if you can't wait and you are in love with it and have to have it-go get it. Just be sure you will worth of wear out of it.


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