Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

ONE- IT IS COLD. Very. See that temperature up there? See the "Feels Like" part??? That is not even as cold as it has gotten this week. Add windchill onto that and you have some serious cold. As a result I've hardly been outside this week.

TWO- I have a cold. It finally caught up with me. I feel like it's been trying to catch me for a week and finally it has. It's not too bad though. Just a sore throat and stuffy nose mainly. You know, secretly I kind of like being sick (if it's not too serious). It makes me slow down and take a break.

THREE- We're just catching up on the new Sherlock episodes- oh my goodness! I won't give anything away, but B. Cumberbatch is in fine form playing the witty and brainy super-sleuth. The episode kept us on the edge of our seats for an hour and half and our brains felt tired afterwards. Between that and The West Wing, I'm pretty sure I'm not vegging out- I'm getting my brain exercise. Both shows have the effect of either making me feel smarter because I watched them or dumber because I didn't understand half of it. By the way, if you haven't seen this clip of Cumberbatch on Sesame Street, you should.

FOUR- I know pretty much absolutely zero about football (I thought I knew a couple of things, but then Hubby was like, no...not really at all), but I'm still pretty excited about the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. I'm a Washingtonian now so hey! They're my team! Also I love the fact the Russell Wilson is an outspoken Christian. That's pretty cool. Go Hawks!

FIVE- Flappy Bird. Oh my gosh. That game is ridiculous. My friend told me about it during the Super Bowl, so I downloaded it and died. And died again. And again. And again. This game seriously makes me feel stupid. It shouldn't be that hard to make a little bird fly through stuff by tapping your fingers!! It's ridiculously simple and ridiculously aggravating and ridiculously addicting and now I can't type ridiculously anymore. It would be ridicuouls. See? Now I can't even spell it.

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