Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mom! {and some brunch ideas}

My mom is a pretty incredible lady. A gifted teacher and writer, she chose to quit her job to stay at home and devote her life to raising her kids when my older brother was born. And not only that, she later chose to put those incredible skills to work and home school all seven of us (a job which is not yet complete!)- quite a feat having so many different ages, grades and skill levels to work with at once. 

She also serves alongside my dad as a compassionate and kind pastor's wife-a role in which she has been an excellent example and inspiration to me as I have taken up that role as well. I am immensely blessed to share this calling with her and draw upon her wisdom and experience as I seek to serve my husband and my church. 

One of the things I am most grateful for in my mom is her insistence on family togetherness. Ever since I can remember, she and my dad have proactively fostered an attitude in our family of wanting to be together. My siblings and I absolutely love nothing better than to be together. We are each other's best friends. Since I was a tiny baby put into the arms of my adoring older brother (not quite two), we have loved being together, and the same has held true with my three sisters and two brothers that arrived in following years. One place we have always loved especially to gather is the kitchen. At my parent's house we often find ourselves laughing at how we all tend to end up there, standing around, chatting, snitching bits of food from the few who are in the kitchen to actually cook! How many mornings I've spent chatting with my dad over cereal at the kitchen counter, how many times I've yakked with Mommy while prepping a salad for dinner, how many Thanksgivings where people and food filled the kitchen to overflowing (and occasionally erupted in flames...but that's a story for another day), how many summer nights where strains from Daddy's radio drifted through the open kitchen window, how many birthday cakes whipped up with little children clamoring around to lick the bowl... and somewhere in the middle of it all, Mommy. Mommy pulling perfectly moist chicken from the oven. Mommy, stirring a pot of "train wreck" meat sauce to fill our hungry guests. Mommy, sneaking a spoonful of cookie dough off to one of us who was outside missing out on all the fun. Mommy, calling to someone not to forget to poke the baked potatoes with a fork! Mommy holding up beaters dripping with cake batter, treating the littlest ones with a lick. Whatever we're doing, Mommy is always there pulling us all together, reminding us that family are our forever friends.

How grateful I am to you, Mommy, for the closeness of our family. My siblings ARE my best friends, just like you said they would be, but so are you. I wish I could spend Mother's Day with you. Thank you for all your hard work and for how much you continue to pull our family together, for creating a beautiful, comfortable environment for us to enjoy each other in, and for always supplying us with delicious food to gather round! You are more of a blessing to us all than we can find words to express. May you know how much you're loved!


Whether you're attending a brunch at your church, throwing a lovely party for mom, or just want something a little bit special to serve to your mom in bed or at the table, here are a few of my favorite brunch recipes!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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