Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Cooking?

I just realized I haven't posted a menu since December! Oops! Our shopping schedule has been a little off, and my blogging has, unfortunately, been a bit irregular as well. My menu posting is changing a bit anyhow- at least for now. We're trying an experiment for a few months of shopping locally every two weeks instead of in Spokane once a month. It may save us a bit on gas and it will certainly be more convenient. However, we're not sure yet if it will cost more or not. That's the experiment! So for now at least, my menu will be for two weeks, instead of a whole month. Here goes, and happy cooking to you all!

Week 1 (Apr. 30-May 4)


Kielbasa & White Bean Stew
Gone to my sister's graduation!

Week 2 (May 7-11)

Moose Roast in the Crock-pot with Risotto


Honey Mustard Chicken
Breakfast Enchiladas

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