Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monthly Menu- May

Well, I can hardly believe it! 3 posts in 24 hours?? It's just a fluke, I'm sure...haha, I just finally had some time to sit down and do it! This monthly menu is not really going to be the whole month, just the remaining two weeks, since I'm so late in getting it out! We have been travelling a lot, so my menu has been a little messed up lately. It could still change, but here is my PLAN.... :)

Week 3 (May 17-21)

Panda Express :)
We got home Tuesday evening from our trip to Oregon for my friend Amy's wedding, so on our way through Spokane we stopped for dinner.
A deliciously fresh salad. Served with rolls and grapes.
Sloppy Joes & Pasta Salad
This is a fantastic and easy homemade sloppy joe recipe. You'll never eat Manwich again! Plus, a new pasta salad recipe from we'll see if we like it!
Minestrone Soup
We'll be gone most of the day at a funeral, so it should be nice to have this in the crock pot, though it's not really soup weather! Got the recipe from
Waffles with all the trimmings and bacon
My Daddy's recipe for old time waffles, served with strawberries, whipped cream and mini chocolate chips!

Week 4 (May 24-28)

BBQ Roast with Potatoes
I have a roast in the freezer I need to use, so I'm going to try this recipe shared by my sister-in-law.
Corn & Chicken Chowder
Yum! Maybe with corn muffins or biscuits?
Lemon-Pepper Tilapia with Brown Rice and Salad
Leftover Roast
Maybe on hamburger buns? With fruit?

Week 5 (May 31-?)

Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken with Potatoes
A delicious pan fried chicken with a kick!

Other treats:
I know I'm making cookies for our church's new "Cookie Fellowship" this Sunday, and I'm either going to do oatmeal raisin walnut or white chocolate chip.

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