Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spaghetti Pie

Well, to start us out...tonight I made a Spaghetti Pie (Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook). Very different than anything I have ever done with spaghetti. For several reasons. The spaghetti was mixed with egg (weird!) and then used as a "crust" (which it adapted to better than I thought it would...). Then cottage cheese and a meat sauce were layered in that. I thought it looked very interesting, so I had to try it! My favorite part of the whole process was still what is usually my favorite part of cooking...frying up the meat with the onions and garlic (except this time it added green peppers, which I don't particularly care for)...ahhhh, always smells so heavenly! Anyway, the "pie" turned out kind of funny, because, though cooked in a pie plate, it doesn't hold together very well, so you can kind of throw out any thoughts of pretty presentation (which I had!) or even just getting it to stay in wedges. It just kind of falls apart and looks like a cross between mixed up spaghetti and mixed up lasagna. :( But, on the brighter side- it tastes good! It is certainly not exceptional, and I haven't decided if it's good enough to earn a place on my "keeper" list, but it is rather tasty, especially for a girl who salivates over all things Italian!

Anyway, I hope to use this blog as an outlet for myself and to inform you of my raptures over a particularly marvelous recipe or experiences in the kitchen as I learn the art of really cooking, lament a dish that didn't quite turn out to be just what I expected, and maybe even mistakes I make (if I'm brave enough to share!).


  1. Cute layout you got!!! I love the website you got this from :) I can't wait to read about your cooking adventures :)

  2. Thanks! I stole it from that comment on Krista's status... ;) heehee.

  3. love it!!! If you visit my blog which is outdated and not a ploy at all to get you to read it I swear! but I do have some good recipe blog links on it you might like. Also the pioneer woman, her stuff looks amazing!


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